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CKkEGiAUAAEHoEjOn Wednesday, August 17th, 2016, WIPZ had the opportunity to talk with lead singer, Phil Cohen and guitarist, Misha Kostandov of Blackout Balter. It was an entertaining interview on 50/50 with Ryan and Julia. This time around, I decided to hop on to the show to chat it up with the vocalist and guitarist. There were a lot of laughs, and there were certainly some more serious moments highlighting the formation and inspiration behind the band’s music. You can hear all about what the two had to say in the provided link!

Getting into some background information, Blackout Balter is an alternative rock quartet with an electronic and punk bent. It is made up of Phil Cohen, Chris Dorsey, Amelia Gormley, and Misha Kostandov. They were originally an unsigned band out of Cambridge, Massachusetts. The vocalist, Phil; however, managed to get in contact with guitarist, Dave Keuning of the award-winning rock band, the Killers. The group, after slipping some demos to him, was invited to record at the Killers’ studio in Las Vegas. This was where their debut EP, Twist and Bend was recorded. (And yes, Dave Keuning is featured on half of the EP’s six tracks, and it came out on July 8th, 2016!)

Blackout-Balter-Twist-and-Bend-Square-FrontThis band definitely has a different background than most, which it can all be heard in the interview. From MIT to war zones, Phil Cohen, the front man, surely has lived quite the life. Misha, the software master — who graduated from Brown University, is also an unique pianist. To wrap this up, Blackout Balter is a band to watch, for the reason that they have already been spotted as having immense talent. They have catchy choruses, and a story that is distinctive. May they only continue making great music!

Article by: Gina Bellovary
August 24th, 2016

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