Frequently Asked Questions

What/who are WIPZ?

WIPZ is a student run radio station based out of Kensoha, WI. The station itself consists of about 12-13 executive board members and a wide variety of DJ’s.

Where is WIPZ located?

Wipz is located on the campus of the University of Wisconsin Parkside in the student center. The actual location can be found at 900 wood road in Kenosha, WI.

What frequency can I find WIPZ on?

WIPZ can be found on 101.5FM near the state lines of Wisconsin, as well asĀ online at WIPZ.org.

What kind of music does WIPZ play?

WIPZ plays a wide array of music. Everything can be heard on air from talk shows and rap, to country and classical.

How can I become a DJ?

Feel free to check out the “Join Us” Page on the website for more information!

Do I need any previous experience to become a DJ?

Nope! We have trained staff on hand to teach you everything you need to become a DJ on air at WIPZ.

How can I request music to play?

The easiest way to request music to play during certain shows is to call us at 262-515-9479!

Are there tours available?

At the moment we do not have a system set in place to give tours but if you call into the station at 262-515-9479 I’m sure we can figure something out!

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