About Us

A Little Bit About Us

      WIPZ, Ranger Radio is University of Wisconsin-Parkside’s student-run radio station. In addition to serving our target audience, the UW-Parkside students,WIPZ provides a unique opportunity for the students and community members to learn about radio in a fun and professionally inspired environment. WIPZ promotes and encourages the expression of individuality through a positive outlet while remaining consistent with the mission of University of Wisconsin-Parkside. We commit ourselves to promoting tolerance and respect for others and ourselves. The fact that WIPZ is a college radio station makes it a learning experience for those interested in music, radio, management, or those who just want experience in the radio field. DJs have the flexibility in everything they play which gives WIPZ the unique variety that we currently have. This freedom allows for an experimental, creative sound while still maintaining a quality, consistent sound.

     All students and faculty of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside and community members upon request and approval are allowed to be members of the station. Membership in WIPZ is open and will not be limited on any grounds. WIPZ this year alone has been working to improve many things about our station.For the first time, WIPZ is now streaming 24/7 online as well as in the Brickstone. We have strengthened our relationships with other organizations on campus, which have led to many co-sponsorship opportunities as well opportunities for WIPZ to get the word out there about campus and local events.

     One of the most unique things WIPZ has to offer to this campus as well as our online listeners is the variety of shows that we have to offer. WIPZ DJs (Disc Jockey) offer the ability for listeners to listen to rock, metal, hip hop, techno, and jazz shows along with a variety of talk shows ranging from sports, to current events, wrestling, and gaming.If we are missing something, join our staff and make the change.


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